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Stop Beating Yourself Up!

<span>Stop Beating Yourself Up!:</span> Stop Beating Yourself Up!<span>Stop Beating Yourself Up!:</span> Stop Beating Yourself Up!
Stop Beating Yourself Up!Stop Beating Yourself Up!
How to Play Your Best Golf Despite Years of Lessons
Just Hit The Damn Ball!
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Book four in the Just Hit The Damn Ball! series.

"Dave Johnston's Playing Out Of Your Mind: Moving Beyond Swing Mechanics will not only show you how to stop working against yourself when playing golf; the tips and wisdom shared within these pages can be put to use in just about any other sport or aspect of your life. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their performance in golf, sports and life."

Jack Magnus, Reader's Favourite Professional Review 

Seven simple lessons that will help you overcome mental roadblocks to improvement. If you've ever hit a perfect shot, then you have the ability.

Traditional golf instruction is based on fault-finding and error correction. This method is effective for the golfer who has the time and resources to practice but is a source of incessant frustration for the once-a-week golfer who simply wants to be more consistent.  

Stop Beating Yourself Up is a series of seven conversations between a desperate student and an unorthodox instructor.  Your unconscious beliefs create mental barriers to improvement.  The biggest roadblock to improvement is constantly looking for swing flaws. When you learn how to lock in the feeling of your best shots then you're on the path to constant improvement.

Learn how to stop beating yourself up and play better than you ever thought possible!

163 pages | $4.99 CAD | E book | B06XBK35TP | March 1, 2017