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<span>The Gorilla Is Loose!:</span> The Gorilla Is Loose!<span>Book Two of Four:</span> Book Two of Four
The Gorilla Is Loose!Book Two of Four

The Gorilla Is Loose! (Your Innate Swing Unleashed)

Your Innate Swing Unleashed!
Just Hit The Damn Ball!
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Our obsession with perfect swing mechanics creates a mental prison that stymies solid technique.

Learn how to break the bars and unlock your true swing. The biggest roadblock is fear.

Learn how to overcome fear. Let your gorilla loose!

  • A quick and easy read to help you shatter the bonds of traditional instruction!
108 pages | $2.99 CAD | 8.5 x 5.5 | B00R67LPTA | December 17, 2014